February 2019
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Translator: Hank

A couple of years ago I wrote about an event I learned of from someone very close to and emotionally attached to it, about how two Cubans who had fought on opposite sides at the Bay of Pigs, this sad … Continue reading Continue reading
The National Orlando Zapata TamayoFront of Civil Resistance and Disobedience condemns the brutal and arbitrary arrests of those who inrecent days have beenvictimized includingtwo of the most important leaders of the internal Cuban Resistance. I refer to former political prisoners Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Angel Moya Acosta as they were getting ready to join [...] Continue reading
I have been asked this and other questions. I do not know what the work of a lawyer in Cuba is, however there are some aspects that are noteworthy: “The bullet entered the body of Izquierdo Medina in the left buttock. It destroyed the femoral vein crossed to reach the kidney and lung. Death was [...] Continue reading
The trial of Amado Interian was held on the afternoon of December 13th in Courtroom Number 7 of the Havana Court.  He is a former police officer who shot a 14-year-old teenager named Angel Izquierdo.  The trial had been suspended on December 9th due to a nonappearance by the defendant. Amado Interian was dressed like an inmate, but it was [...] Continue reading
This is about a beautiful clip a reader of mine in Brazil sent to me.  In it, you see Joshua Bell, the virtuoso violinist.  He is playing his Stradivarius in the New York Subway while the hurried crowd ignores him. This act, and what is newsworthy about it, is that we don’t appreciate the beauty that surrounds [...] Continue reading
My son and I both saw Juan of the Dead at different times. This is a Cuban movie that has just been awarded a Popular Award at the 33rd Latin American Movie Festival. Rafael loved the profusion of bad words, with the “role” of the female blogger played by White Rose White; the “little groups [...] Continue reading
For those who doubt that things here will get worse, I inform you that the first to set up the Chinese Model have been some of those in the emerging private sector. Since they are obligated to pay high taxes for their operating licenses, in addition to salaries and benefits for their employees, they tighten [...] Continue reading
This grand wall at 19th and 42nd survived for a long time displaying the graffiti of El Sexto* with its pink criticism and his trademark star all the way to the walls of El Vedado. Apparently, the pink lacquer he used has been extinguished because last week it was covered up — as you can [...] Continue reading
Various witnesses were called by the Havana Tribunal to participate in a murder trial which began this morning, December 9th, against Amado Interian, a retired police officer who is accused of shooting a black, 14-year-old teenager on July 15th of this year.  The teenager’s name was Alain Izquierdo. According to Ismael Suarez Herce, a 17-year-old cousin of the victim who [...] Continue reading
A day just like today, twenty-two years ago, Cuban television transmitted the arrival of the remains of deceased Cubans from distant wars.  Some of them arrived many years after their death.  That impression gave birth to Makeup, a story you can read by clicking on the tabs above [in the original blog in Spanish]. Translated by:  Hank December [...] Continue reading
Tomorrow, December 9th, the Havana Tribunal will hear the case against a former military man named Amado Interian who is accused of having used his 45 caliber pistol to shoot a teenager named Alain Izquierdo Medina — a black 14-year-old who was ... Continue reading
A few days ago I read in Granma, the official mouthpiece of the Central Committee of the Party, an article about the end of the debate by the Parliamentary Commission, in whose mind they had analyzed among other things, the effectiveness of the economic model. What they were saying to the population was “we are [...] Continue reading
Roberto Lopez arrived early at the Arrroyo Naranjo Property Registry. His plan was to divide his house. One part of the house was to be donated to his only granddaughter and the other was to be sold. He is 70 years old and he needs resources to live. He was number 10 in line that [...] Continue reading