July 2018
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Translator: Ivana Recmanova

Having a profound interest prior to the openings of new restaurants (called paladares – which means “palates”) on my beloved planet and in this meal in particular, I offer you the following recipe: Chancellor snapper filet (any similarity to a real person is a pure coincidence). For two people: 1/2 pound of snapper filets. 1 [...] Continue reading
To all visitors of “The Barefoot Rose”: Because of the limited access to the Internet, I needed to complete the publication of a work in different days once more, then the super-slow connection from where I accessed before prevented me from adding the image of the writing “Nostradamus in Shared Taxi” and completing the same [...] Continue reading
Photo: Francis Sánchez. One day a long time ago, I drew the word birch to my favourite and beloved poet Herberto Padilla, the word which he could never climb in such a short life the place where we had gone running to with our eyes so little we cut ourselves with the crystal of the [...] Continue reading
David was found guilty of murder by the Camaguey tribunal after investigators from the Ministry of the Interior found traces of his scent on the trunk of a carob tree. Laritza Diversent In its sentence number 57 of March 30, 2007, the Camaguey Court sentenced Delvis David Pena Mainer to 40 years imprisonment for the [...] Continue reading
The case of a North American contractor, Alan Gross, judged in Havana on 4 March this year for a crime against the security of the Cuban state raises suspicions and questions. More than a few within the island wondered if his rights as a defendant were respected or if the court that prosecuted him was [...] Continue reading