July 2018
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Translator: Jack Gibbard

I don’t intend to persuade anyone that Cuba is some kind of hell. Nor to change the mind of those who imagine that it’s a paradise. But it still bothers me to read in the national press that Washington is taking measures to tighten the embargo. I’m not a politician, but every morning is filled [...] Continue reading
The streets of the island were full of comments after, around the middle of the month, the government brought out a paper with the debates of the congress, and a leaflet with the ideas that were passed, confirming that Cubans will be able to sell their houses and cars, and in the future to travel [...] Continue reading
The court of Camagüey sentenced Delvis David Peña Mainer to 40 years in jail, for the brutal murder with a machete of 23-year-old Yeinier Moreno Leyva and his wife, 17-year-old Yuliet Urquiz Batista. Peña Mainer, 44, pleaded not guilty. According to the court, the assessment of the available evidence against him was “exhaustive, objective and [...] Continue reading