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The first time Juan Carlos saw a Christmas tree, he was 43-years-old and working as a bricklayer inside the house of a top counterintelligence officer. “That was 19 years ago.  Those were the harsh years of the so-called Special Period. … Continue reading Continue reading
Detaining of a Woman in White, Havana, 10th of December 2013. (EFE) We are all too aware Cuba’s dictatorship does not possess the slightest modicum of remorse or self-reproach, so we cannot ask such a State to behave honorably. The … Continue reading Continue reading
Image Courtesy of Count on earthworm remains, bits of assorted garbage, tiny jaw-breaking pebbles, and the odd piece of moon rock mixed inside the minute ration of the people’s rice being offered by the State; this is the quota … Continue reading Continue reading
In Cuba, most news reaches us via Miami.  Look, given such limited access to the internet where one official hour puts us back a whopping 4.50 convertible pesos (i.e., the equivalent of one week’s pay for a laborer), people resort … Continue reading Continue reading
Mérida de la C. Pastor Masson, Esq. Following a corresponding written order, in relation to article 168, we will refer to the nature of joint ownership constituted by the participating State or its agencies, organizations, policies, etc., with a participating … Continue reading Continue reading
A veritable media sandstorm blasted away just a few days ago in Brazil when at the IX Plenary Session between Brazil and Cuba, the Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca openly declared that any political entity without … Continue reading Continue reading
Once again, the subject of human rights is polarizing Cuban society.  Many would agree that keeping the topic center stage is an especially meaningful and noteworthy endeavour. To be fair, we must acknowledge that the Cuban government deploys more than … Continue reading Continue reading
From Julian del Casal (1863-1893) all he kept was the winterphilia. Weekly chronicles long for months of Cuban winter so the pleasure of silence can reign supreme on streets which would barely feel like Havana after twilight: [...]  would that … Continue reading Continue reading
For Josefina, a 71 year-old housewife and south-of-Havana local, first comes Jesus Christ then Mandela.  She’d been cooking supper when the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s death broke through on the radio. “Among books set by my bedside, I have … Continue reading Continue reading
Heberprot-P 75  Human recombinant epidermal growth factor Heber Biotec, S.A. Havana, Cuba Last November, a group of Cubans and part of the exiled Cuban community living in the United States, co-published a document named A Humanitarian Appeal  which I already … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez For my eldest son, Roylier Javier Chávez Dubrocq. Countless conversations will never happen given the pigheaded, volatile and dim-witted habit our government has for maintaining a monopolistic grip and control on the flow of information, or should … Continue reading Continue reading
It’s common knowledge that  our country is celebrating a so-called Festival of New Latin American Film although nothing about it seems new.  On my end, I was not able to see any screenings in person because I am caring for … Continue reading Continue reading