February 2019
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One of the most relevant initiatives put forth by the Latin American community of nations in recent years is the project “Educational Goals 2021: the education we want for the bicentennial generation” (A look at education in Latin American (2011)) Its objective is to improve the quality of education and equity in education in order [...] Continue reading
For those who doubt that things here are going to get worse, let me tell you that the first to implement the Chinese model are some of those in the emerging private sector. The obligation to remit high levies for licenses, in addition to salaries and loans to employees, puts a strain on those who [...] Continue reading
Graffiti by an anonymous artist. If you think about it, Cubans really have very little to celebrate.  But the mere fact of being alive, being healthy, and feeling real desire for change, are sufficient reasons to do so.  Let us decorate our houses to make ourselves feel better and joyfully welcome visitors, and under no [...] Continue reading