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Regina Coyula, 14 June 2017– Jorge Enrique Lage interviews Miguel Coyula (excerpts) 4 … at many times during the interview, Alcides interrupted himself and began to speak to Fidel as if he were right in front of him. It’s something one saw a lot in our parents’ generation: bothered by something Fidel was saying on TV … Continue reading "Citizen Kastro-Citizen Alcides / Regina Coyula" Continue reading
I live in a community with more than sixty buildings. Behind them, as is the case with my home, many residents—at the request of the government itself—began planting fruit trees and banana plants. When the marathon of demolishing everything began, … Continue reading Continue reading
Havana, Cuba — Hubert Matos is a symbol of the struggle against the tyranny that has dominated Cuba since 1959. As an admirer of his rebelliousness and perseverance — something that characterized him until he drew his last breath — … Continue reading Continue reading
Camilo Ernesto Olivera, a member of the team of Estado de SATS, was stopped as he left his home on Dec. 7. Most alarming is how these things are happening in Cuba: going from one moment to another in a state … Continue reading Continue reading
Ipatria, Alamar, a Vulture, the Night, and Me 1. There are exiles who bite and others like a consuming fire We met in the Martyrs of Alamar mortuary. Her father had died that afternoon, I’d come in to drink no … Continue reading Continue reading
In the beginning there was the word, before discovering his vocation behind the camera, still being a boy, Miguel wrote really well. Now, with this novel he should prove it, although he excuses himself by saying that it’s early. It … Continue reading Continue reading
Not even I understand how much those nearly eight months — from 30 November 1993 to 28 July 1994 — affected the rest of my life. I was used as cheap and reliable labor, exposed to hard labor in the … Continue reading Continue reading
I put up this post this past Friday, but the WordPress goblins made it disappear. With my scarce connection time and my barely adequate technical knowledge, I wasted a copious amount of time looking for responses in a forum, and … Continue reading Continue reading
THE WAILING OF THE HUDSON RIVER Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Why does it wail, do you know? The Hudson River wails at dawn. It makes like a low curve underneath the bridge or against its columns and then its metal … Continue reading Continue reading
While you slept Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Ice is dead water. I smell bad, like a homeless person in a subway car in New York. Although my scent doesn’t please me, it belongs to me. Private property in my absolute … Continue reading Continue reading
The Revolution has maybe two or three weekends left. Then, before or after that bad metaphor which is the arrival of spring, we’ll be living in a full holocaust. The State will probably have to kill liberally in order to … Continue reading Continue reading
It was he who opened the door at Antonio Rodiles’ house for us this past Saturday the 23rd: for Lilian of “Geronimo’s Blog”, to my wife Yoaxis, and for me, when we came to participate in the Estado de Sats … Continue reading Continue reading
Image found on Wikipedia Kiwix offline I won’t judge the politician or military man, I’ll identify with the man, the son, the father, the grandfather, the Venezuelan leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the idol of his … Continue reading Continue reading
Image downloaded from The third World Baseball Classic ended early for the Cuban team and left many of us with wishes to see them win over their neighboring ball club and Cuban sports narrators with wishes to travel to … Continue reading Continue reading
I believe I have successfully crossed the threshold of the 21st Century, a century that I prefer to believe more inclusive, comprehensive, and cohesive. After having been educated in certain social and ideological intolerance, I’ve gotten past them. My lesbian … Continue reading Continue reading
My worst fears came to pass. Holland has us sized up. Like the majority of readers pontificated, we aren’t going to the next round. I’ll leave it to those who know the analysis of factors of the defeat of a … Continue reading Continue reading
Néstor, a baker, on one of his dawn work shifts, after selling 60 lbs of hard bread to the owner of a private cafeteria, places a “missed call” from his mobile to a guy how lives in another Havana neighborhood. … Continue reading Continue reading
Yamile Bargés Hurtado is a 48-year-old woman who was put through a legal process which leaves us feeling defrauded. In 2003, she traded an apartment in the Bahía neighborhood for a similar one in El Vedado with Mrs. Teresa Luisa Rivero Domínguez, co... Continue reading
By Yaremis Flores The afternoon of November 7th I couldn’t imagine that I’d trade my name for a number. I went out at approximately two in the afternoon to take a serving of soup over to my father, who’d been admitted into a hospital. While I was... Continue reading
Our shell — skin — is only the suit lent to us for the all-inclusive tour of life. Translated by: JT October 27 2012 Tweet Continue reading
I’ve been reading Virgelio Piñera a lot in this, his centenary year, and I’ve even written a couple of works about him. But Virgilio “might have given himself a banquet” with national absurdity. We have signs of this through tall tales and gos... Continue reading
As a result of the next baseball season, the State press and fans have unleashed a debate, looking to raise the level of ball played on the island. There were more than 170 proposals to design a new competitive structure. In a meeting with the national... Continue reading
If you want to see first hand how the syndrome of secrecy works in Cuba, visit the office of the commissioner of baseball. Such is the lack of information, that not even the managers of the teams know for sure the day and month the new season will star... Continue reading
Sometimes the Cuban democratization process seems easier as I see it almost every day. LaySpace and the Felix Varela Center, under the supervision of the Church; Temas and last public Thursday, the magazine Criteria and other academic spaces seem to ha... Continue reading
This has been a rainy year in Cuba, and as if to do justice to the energy of this season, in Artemisa last Saturday afternoon it rained buckets including a concert of terrible thunder. An hour after having cleared up, around 5 PM, the guest who didn’... Continue reading
By Alberto Méndez Castelló Some days ago, some 400 employees of the General Prosecutor Office of the Republic across the country signed a code of ethics. The notice was published on the front page of the daily Rebel Youth on Saturday, June 9th, under... Continue reading
Right now there are two Cubas. The visible, of official gridlock, popular disenchantment, and an unknown future. And that in which what happens in the few spaces in which the regime allows bare-chested debate, and where those who think differently aren’t called “mercenaries”, nor are they accused of being agents of the United States. It [...] Continue reading
In politics, all isn’t what it seems. Considering that there is no way out, a solution always looms. Above all and more than ever, dictators desire power. But when this isn’t possible, they negotiate the future. Not so much for love of their country or her people. Simply to preserve their lives and their perks. [...] Continue reading
For 15 days I participated as a spectator in two trials held in the Havana Court, both pursued for the crime of murder. The first, on November 28th, I was counsel for the family of the accused, six poor people from Mantilla — a bad neighborhood of Arroyo Naranjo where I was born, grew up [...] Continue reading
He was a boy who was accustomed to ask permission for everything; that they should take him by the hand and sometimes lead him through dangerous streets, and as a matter of education, they’d chew him out and impose punishment on him if he misbehaved. When he was an adolescent, he understood that you have [...] Continue reading
Right now Wednesday, the 28th of September is coming to my mind, when I spoke to her daughter to coordinate an interview with Laura. She was feeling badly already, her daughter told me that she’d taken a little lime and was laying down for a while in bed. Some days later, her state of health [...] Continue reading
Courtesy of Rafael Alcides for Bad Handwriting For you I could not ask, Laura Pollán, that you rest in peace like we do for the currently deceased, because you will never rest in peace. On the contrary. Pollen deposited by the wind on plazas and streets in its new form of life which for you [...] Continue reading
Yesterday at 6 PM, I turned off the little AM-FM radio with which I “inform” myself. In Cuba, they don’t sell multiband radios, an urban legend affirms that if you take one of these to a State-owned repair shop, it will be returned to you mutilated and you’ll no longer be able to hear Radio [...] Continue reading
On the 8th of May, Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia died in Santa Clara, the victim of a beating received on the 5th day (of the month). He had left with me the blow of the news, and my Christian principles inculcated since a I was boy were put to the test. The time was coming [...] Continue reading
Genovevo, age 58, has been imprisoned twice and on three occasions has been arrested for criminal dangerousness. He is a ‘house agent’, as they call those who — under the table — dedicate themselves to transmit trades, purchases, or sales of houses in Cuba. A business where there isn’t anyone to tell the tale. “The [...] Continue reading
She was one of so many recluses of misfortune, of those by failing to use the olive green conscience were deprived of liberty. They gave her permission to go out and she left without baggage, like the images they like to give to poets. She thought that with her backpack on her back with the [...] Continue reading
In 52 years of Revolution, Cubans have become used to attending parades and events. Not always spontaneously. The members of rapid response brigades — paramilitary shock troops — are called to hold repudiation rallies and verbal lynchings against opponents, in particular against the Ladies in White. Two weeks after the military parade in the Plaza [...] Continue reading
When some days ago the Venezuelan chancellor Nicolás Maduro read a plain official note, announcing that President Hugo Chávez Frías, aged 54, would be undergoing surgery in the lower abdomen, few in Cuba paid attention. Maduro’s message was issued in Havana, during a bilateral meeting as part of the strategic alliance signed by Cuba and [...] Continue reading
Like two boxers who stare each other in the eye, before beginning their attack, came TwittHab, the first encounter between official and alternative ‘twitterers’. If the proposition was to fraternize and build bridges, this first exploratory round between virtual gladiators who’ve made blogs, Facebook and Twitter a tool for spreading their ideas, was below expectations. [...] Continue reading
I have received an unexpected gift: a ship’s log with my name on it. Marco A. Pérez López and Liu Santiesteban, administrators of Tania Quintero’s blog, opened it for me. The blog of Iván García and his friends, is in no way affecting Desde La Habana, founded 28 January 2009 and since January of 2010 [...] Continue reading
I haven’t repented, it’s that after walking around “the countries”; my house, largely torn up owing to renovations, has been, the poor thing, the principal beneficiary. We aren’t imagining grand things, it’s repairing ceilings, plumbing, a broken masonry wall that wasn’t on the list but occupied priority number one immediately, and giving my boy a [...] Continue reading
Nicolas, aged 46, has a special nose for a good deal. Big goals are always planned. In those moments, in his well-kept house in the Reparto Sevillano, he meticulously examines various catches and pieces of gold. Nicolas goes about separating them in little piles according to their qualities. “Here I have no less than 8,000 [...] Continue reading
Just a few days ago we celebrated Farmers’ Day. Its highest leader, among other things, expressed that he couldn’t continue extracting and transporting fresh milk, nor offering it to the people with such precarious hygiene. In May 2010 I put up a post called “Hygiene Is Health”, where I inserted this photo taken from the [...] Continue reading
There are those who believe that history is written only by those in power, by means of textbooks, testimonials, biographies, means of communication and other supports of dominance that certify the version of the victors. Cuban history of the 20th Century confirms the rule, but in conflict with the story of the main characters who [...] Continue reading