June 2018
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Translator: L. Rodriguez

With some stoicism, I followed through the TV the happenings of the Party Congress. In addition to the economic guidelines, not much has been seen. Like the presentation of the Central Committee and Political Bureau. - So many years in power and they have not learned that the appointments must obey ability, not the fact [...] Continue reading
Near the house there is a store in CUC where after closing it seems they turn off the refrigerators and then turn them back on in the morning when they open again, such that when they open the frozen food is thawed with an unpleasant look and a horrible smell. Just in case, I never [...] Continue reading
Last Friday, the 8th, the newspaper Granma, published an extensive anonymous two-page work taken from Olive-Green Editions*, about the plural legacy of Marti, titled: “The idea of ??a single party is a legacy of José Martí.” It is not a new complaint. The argument is that Marti created a party and only one party for [...] Continue reading
I was recently asked about the time when I used to teach. My teaching experience was with General Integral Professors*, teachers known as Emerging or “Instantaneous.” In addition to help in preparing to teach classes, I visited and assessed them in the classroom. Those guys were very young and came mostly from the eastern provinces. [...] Continue reading