July 2018
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Towards the end of October, sociologist Mariela Castro Espin, Director of the National Center of Sexual Education of Cuba (CENESEX), while on a visit to this country, expressed her admiration for the “dignified manner” with which prostitutes uphold the value of their work in Holland. But in these latitudes, whose Revolution since its first steps [...] Continue reading
Cuba’s baseball team could not take the title in the recently ended World Cup, which took place in Panama, the honor going to the Netherlands. This is nothing new, as the same thing happened in the two previous Cups and in other events. Those times when the Cuban baseball team – always manned by professional [...] Continue reading
The Motherland is joy for all, pain for all and heaven for all, and nobody’s fiefdom or chaplaincy. Jose Marti In Cuba’s educator circles, the proper attention to the sexual orientation of students is lacking. In my judgement we are a homophobic society whether in a conscious way or not. Matter of fact, some of [...] Continue reading
In vain I search my mind for the name of my favorite friend when we were in preschool and first grade, the passing of the years have totally erased it.  He was the tallest child in the classroom and he sat in the desk that was next to mine, he happily shared with me his [...] Continue reading
We cut. We fell. We tear down. It’s called suburban development. It’s called for show, so nothing obscures the new paint of CUCs (Cuban convertible pesos) on our facade. It is called cyclone prevention, some or another expert must have said on camera that any tree is a mortal peril. It is called telephony and [...] Continue reading
Nobody can deny the foundational importance of October 10, 1868 for the Cuban nation. Though twenty years before Narciso Lopez had, for the first time, unfurled the national flag calling for combat against the oppressor, though his voice was not listened to then, the opposite occurred in Yara, when Cubans, conscious of their nationhood, responded [...] Continue reading
Painting by H. Cata Another Halloween on my planet, in which tricks are abundant and caramels scarce. Congratulations to all who can celebrate it! Translated by: lapizcero October 31 2011 Continue reading
While there are great Mexican muralists with their everlasting and marvelous works, we have our small muralists. This one, along with the star and the five little heads, irreconcilable by the way, must have been painted by a “spontaneous” who offered himself to decorate some walls in his workplace, the wholesale food store at Connil [...] Continue reading
A terrible phrase summarizes the maxim: “Within you, a voice exclaims: ‘My God!’. But its time to work. Deal with the rest later.” The phrase is from Kevin Carter, author of one of the most famous and controversial photographs in the history of the genre: that in which a vulture stalks the agony of one [...] Continue reading
I heard it when I was in the patio taking in some clothes I had washed because it looked like rain.  I don’t know who shouted to someone on the block that there were potatoes with police. I perked my ears because, like the smartest of the bunch, I was intrigued by this pronouncement.  The [...] Continue reading
(diagram)  Closing of sugar mills >> reduces direct employment of workers in the sugar agro-industry >> diminishes planting of sugarcane >> reduces production of derivatives of sugarcane >> depresses services and production related to the sector >>  impoverishes the quality of life of communities of farm workers >> affects in general sugar production >> hurts [...] Continue reading
It is true that José Martí founded a political organization, the Partido Revolucionario Cubano (Cuban Revolutionary Party), Fidel Castro founded the Partido Comunista de Cuba (Cuban Communist Party), and many people in our country and the world, just like them, have maintained their membership in the different institutions that they have erected so that from [...] Continue reading
The eternal dilemma, to be or not to be, is the capital crossroad that became evident in the life of every Cuban since the 26th of July 1953. This date initiated the stage of struggle that placed into tension the Cuban society of that moment. The verticality that that generation imposed on the enterprise was [...] Continue reading
In the section Acuse de Recibo (“Acknowledgement of Receipt”) of the daily Juventud Rebelde (“Rebel Youth”) for 9/25/11 there is an article titled El Potín, y mucho más (“The Potín and Much More”), where a citizen and the journalist show the deplorable state of this formerly elegant commercial establishment, with regards to the paltry services it provides [...] Continue reading
Tuesday the 27th, the government published in the Gaceta Oficial de la Republica (Official Gazette of the Republic) a legislative package that regulates the sale and donation of automobiles between private citizens. The new legislation will become ef... Continue reading
The problem is the street. General Raúl Castro will not permit an Arab Spring in Cuba. He will do whatever needs doing to detain irate opponents. He wants to isolate the potential short-circuit that could turn into a street protest. The island is a petri dish for cultivation of popular anger. The logical erosion of [...] Continue reading