July 2018
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With the unexpected death of Eusebio da Silva Ferreira on the morning of January 5, the soccer world lost one of its greatest players and an extraordinary ambassador for the sport, an honest and simple man, who never forgot his humble … Continue reading Continue reading
Interpreting the triptych “The Garden of Delights,” by El Bosco, we can find, ironically speaking, a comparison with the winner of the Frank Kafka 2012 award, “Long is the Night,” by Cuban writer Frank Correa, who delights in telling stories, … Continue reading Continue reading
By Lic. Dora Mesa Crespo* and Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara ** *Coordinator for the Cuban Association for the Development of Infant Education **Attorney for the Cuban Law Association ARTICLE 59 of the Preliminary Plan of Labor Law [1] (CHAPTER V. SPECIAL PROTECTION … Continue reading Continue reading
February 28, 2013, the day that the Castro brothers’ totalitarian regime jailed me, was not a day chosen randomly by the political police. That day, several events happened simultaneously, and it was significant for many reasons in my case.  Firstly, … Continue reading Continue reading