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Ivan Garcia, 15 July 2017 — Even the street dogs, ragged and hungry, take cover under the roofs in Havana when the clock marks 1 PM. The sun burns and humidity gives you sweat marks on your clothes. After noon the Havana’s street look like the Saharan desert. People take cover in their houses and those … Continue reading "Salaries in Cuba are a Joke / Iván García" Continue reading
Juan Juan Almeida, 16 June 2017 — Alejandro Marcel Mendivil, successful entrepreneur, owner of El Litoral, a restaurant located at Malecon #161, between L & K, and the restaurant Lungo Mare, located in 1ra Esquina C, in the Vedado district, was arrested in Havana on June 8. The reasons are not clear. Some claim that … Continue reading "Prosperous Cuban Entrepreneur Arrested / Juan Juan Almeida" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 14 June 2017 — What you lose last is hope. And those who have plans to immigrate to the United States maintain bulletproof optimism. Close to a small park in Calzada street, next to Rivero’s funeral home, dozens of restless people await their appointment for the consular interview at the American Embassy located … Continue reading "Cuba Awaits New Trump Proposals / Iván García" Continue reading
Since the very beginnings of the human history, the struggle for power has been an ever-present phenomenon. This “me first” mindset began with a tribal chief trying to hold onto it while someone else tried to strip him of it. … Continue reading Continue reading
Poster: Rolando Pulido Luis Leonel León: The Black Eyes of Rosa María Payá From El Nuevo Herald The magazine “People en Español” chose her as one of the 25 most powerful Latin women. On a list that includes Jennifer López, … Continue reading Continue reading
Alberto Salazar, who was one of the most distinguish runners in the United States, today is a highly paid trainer in long distance running around the world. The best informed on the island know that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Executive Director … Continue reading Continue reading
Havana, Cuba, October, - It was a great achievement by Rosa Berre (Havana, 1941 – Miami, 2006) to publicly expose the mass media of Fidel Castro, whose writers were willing to lie in exchange for crumbs. When, at the beginning of … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Alexis Piloto Cabrero Osbelgi Fábregas Ramos deposited the sum of $90,000 CUP (Cuban currency) in a Popular Savings Bank in Havana in 2001, finding out days after the transaction, in Camaguey, where he currently lives, the money was not … Continue reading Continue reading
On Thursday the Adrenaline 3D finished installing a colorful marquee like the old movie theaters; two days later they found out from the newspaper that they couldn’t remain open, not even until that weekend.  But Adrenaline’s owners decided to open … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, October, - A teenager, a wannabe to the ”reggaeton fashion,” succeeds in paying for his Spanish Language exam grades on a regular basis: “In my high school you can do business, provided that you are willing to pay well.”  The young man, … Continue reading Continue reading
(1) The unfathomable universe, lonely and cold.  Your footprints on the cement, still soft in our sidewalk. Your small steps, near and probably lost: Apology of the p. The world, the city, of the town: Cuba, Havana, Lawton. The sea, … Continue reading Continue reading
Yesterday, November 1, in the afternoon hours, once again we crossedthe now familiar threshold at Estado de SATS.  In this opportunity, I was the guest of honor, with an exposition of my art in patchwork titled “Women,” dedicated to a … Continue reading Continue reading
In this forum the delegations from Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic ask for a vote on the following declarations: “At the XXIII Submit of Iberoamerican Chiefs of State and government under the slogan of: Alliance for new paradigms; … Continue reading Continue reading
In Cuba people seldom go to extremes. Here you will not find a Mohamed Bouazizi ready to turn himself into a human bonfire in front of the Ministry of Housing to protest excessive taxes. There are, however, a lot of … Continue reading Continue reading
We Cuban women invented alternative cosmetics: cream deodorant mixed with grated color chalk to make eye shadow, shoe polish as eye mascara, yellow soap with oxygenated water to dye the hair lighter or carbon extracted from old batteries to make it … Continue reading Continue reading
Contrary to predictions since 9/11 my wife and I are in USA.  It has been so intense that the time to write in my blog Cubano Confesante has been null.  But now is the time, in the midst of a … Continue reading Continue reading
Josuan, 16 years old, a second year high school student, narrowly missed involvement in a notorious fraud case. “A week before the news was published in the newspaper Granma, a fellow classmate and me, we thought about purchasing the math final … Continue reading Continue reading
By Lic. Dora Mesa Crespo Coordinator of the Cuban Association for the Development of Early Childhood Education, and Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara, Attorney for the Cuban Law Association. Labor Law is a system of principles governing employment relations.  Thus, we … Continue reading Continue reading
Source – Access to Cuban Universities of Qualified Workers and Trade School Graduates, Mesa Crespo, D.L. Although Cuba’s reputation as an advanced third world country with regards to education, annually thousand of students and workers under the age of 18 … Continue reading Continue reading
Havana, Cuba, September, – Lately, with guys over the age of 40, in addition to “Tío,” “Puro” and very rarely “Señor, the younger generation calls us “Papi.” As sexists as we still are — sorry, Mariela Castro –  it … Continue reading Continue reading
My name is Maireni Saborio Gonzales, I am 23 years old and I live in city of Caibarien, Villa Clara.  I left as a boat person or rafter on September 25, 2012 and I was jailed for 11 months in … Continue reading Continue reading
Poverty is the cause and reason that makes the worker particularly vulnerable to psychological stress. Source: IX Meeting of the Mixed Committee OIT- OMS sobre Medicina del Trabajo (1984) Juan Somavia defined it as “productive labor in which freedom, equality, security … Continue reading Continue reading
Before the year 1959, I had a great family: grandparents, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, godmothers, godfathers as well as their partners.  We formed a clan, united by love and the daily routine; where our very close and beloved friends … Continue reading Continue reading
Carrying sacks of sugar – Taken from the Repeating Islands Blog In 23 years, Cuba has gone from being one of the world’s sugar refining nations to exporting the sweet grass for the consumption of the tourist sector.  If in … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez Many people work in the TRD* chain of shops, subject to what may be called military regulations. A vast number of those workers are unaware of the rights which could help them in the face of … Continue reading Continue reading
I’m already leaving Pittsburgh as if to say I am already leaving Havana. The city of hundreds of bridges, and a downtown that imitates Manhattan’s, and a steel paste coagulated in the lungs of half of the 20th century, until … Continue reading Continue reading
While in Sao Paulo and other cities in Brazil the outraged people flooded the streets to protest the increase in transportation prices, rampant corruption and the millions in public expenditures for the World Cup and the Olympic Games, in Cuba … Continue reading Continue reading
In the 1950’s there were two hotels out of their league: the Hotel National in Havana and the Hotel International in Varadero.  The first one is still standing in the heart of Vedado, the second one will be demolished. This … Continue reading Continue reading
To the wall! To the wall!* HAVANA, Cuba, March,  – Luis Cino Alvarez –   A worthy poet who has known how to confront decades of ostracism, Rafael Alcides, wrote, “Regrets and hopes for a new jailed writer.”  After … Continue reading Continue reading
Any place, public transportation, school, workplace or even in a family environment is prone to rudeness.  Many times start with insults and finishes like a boxing ring. People with short fuses are abundant in Cuba.  Guys who use body language … Continue reading Continue reading