July 2018
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Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez, Esq. For Cubans today it no longer seems strange, much less unusual. A lack of punctuality affects any number of activities, whether they be in the workplace, the classroom or at celebrations. There is always some excuse. T... Continue reading
The other day in the hospital, after waiting fifteen minutes for an elevator to take my husband to the medical offices on the top floor of the building, a man who was pushing someone I assume was his mother in a wheelchair, was prevented from getting o... Continue reading
ALL OF US CHRISTIAN CUBANS SHOULD SIGN THE CITIZEN DEMAND FOR ANOTHER CUBA For several weeks now the CITIZEN DEMAND FOR ANOTHER CUBA has come to be known, a demand which a symbolic number of Cubans — not on behalf of any party or institution, but... Continue reading
The caravans for Cuba, which are organized annually by the so-called Pastors for Peace, force one to think. In the one held this year (the 22nd), which already crossed the border between Canada and the United States, they orchestrated the usual media s... Continue reading
Some months ago, I read on the Internet that the Cuban government had bought from Italy its portion of shares in Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, S.A.*, better known by its acronym ETECSA. If it is now totally national, the abbreviation for “an... Continue reading
By: Yoaxis Marcheco Suárez I don’t know what is happening with some people and institutions in the world, I think that they suffer from some sort of lethargy that doesn’t allow them to perceive Cuban reality, or they are simply content with what t... Continue reading
The teams from the western part of the country, the Industriales and Matanzas, began the fifty-first series semifinal playoffs of Cuban baseball, a national sport considered “truly free” by the authoritarian authorities of the archipelago. ... Continue reading
What did the triumph of the Cuban revolution accomplish? A lot: it changed what should not have been changed, destroyed all of the island’s prosperity. It focused on the benefits for the government and forgot the people; it deceived, lied and used ma... Continue reading
The Eurocup 2012 soccer match left me seated before the TV this past Sunday the 17th of June. However it was not the soccer that led to this writing, but the documentary titled “Bohío” they put on afterward and whose director won –they said in t... Continue reading
The economic debt grows as Cuba searches for black gold using geological studies that, to date, have mistakenly stated that the Gulf of Mexico – an area of 112,000 square kilometers – is one of the main petroleum producing basins in the wor... Continue reading
“+0000000000 Today 6:48 From mobile phones ( Call as soon as possible to 07 2043145 For recharge of minutes balance via Internet, If you do not call back today the charge will be returned to the purchaser. In case o... Continue reading
The cases of corruption involving Cuban officials who served in Fidel Castro’s regime are increasing. Or Raúl Castro is simply switching Fidel’s men for his own. Raúl Castro replaced Fidel Castro on February 24, 2008 due to an illness that had al... Continue reading
According to custom immemorial the Church has highlighted the personality John the Baptist in the life of Jesus, to these ends it marked his celebration on June 24th, for being the precursor of the Messiah and he who baptized Him at the shores of the r... Continue reading
By Wilfredo Vallin Almeida The multifamily building lies in ruins. A mountain of rubble rises now in its place occupying a part of Monte, a very central street of Havana. Passers-by run, there is noise from sirens of patrol cars and firefighter equipme... Continue reading
Havana–During three days, the first Festival Clic Independiente acerca de Tecnologia (Independent Click Festival about Technology) was held in Havana, Cuba. The festival was convened by the Blogger Academy of Cuba, Estado de SATS and Evento Blogg... Continue reading
By Atty. Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez Prison is not the only captivity of an existence. An unhappy multitude marches dragging the misery of its moral life, chained to its ignorance and defenselessness. Prisoners without hope and without solace: slaves with... Continue reading
By Wilfredo Vallin Almeida I always thought that when the situation came to be the present one, the authorities (especially the political police) would behave with a greater degree of seriousness and, above all, of professionalism. The reality ruins my... Continue reading
To: Office of Immigration and Alien Affairs, Ministry of the Interior Re: Reply request Miguel Iturria Savón, Cuban citizen, legal adult, married, university graduate, unemployed, permanent identity number 53092900308, residing at 222 Street, #9529, b... Continue reading
This past February 23rd the official press media of the country informed of the meeting held between members of the Central Committee and the Government with the principal leaders of religious denominations and fraternal organizations, this occurrence ... Continue reading
April 23, 2012 Year of the Lord. From: Priest: Mario Félix Lleonart Barroso. To: Villa Clara Provincial Prosecutor’s Office and Management of the Protection of Citizen Rights of the Prosecutor General of the Republic. In so far as: Within just a few... Continue reading
More than half a century ago, when the model was implanted in our country, its later promotion was achieved on a base of present sacrifices (all former governments had been very bad) and a luminous future (the new government would be very good). Sooner... Continue reading
What might the United States be? A little Chinese box, camera oscura of liberty, a crazy car. A wholesale parking lot, something Publix, democratic boarding home where we can take refuge from the horror: that is to say, of the politics Made in Cuba. Lo... Continue reading
The Cuban Catholic Church’s press media have tried in recent days various efforts to clean up a bit the image of one who has already come to be known as The Cardinal of Ignominy or The Cardinal of Indignity. It isn’t that I want to take up against the purple and much less against the [...] Continue reading
“There exists the phenomenon of whitening, and if you being black do not proclaim yourself to be so, you are in a demagogic position, of little ethic. In Cuban culture it is fundamental to achieve that people assume and be what they are. The defiance lies in forming a conscience, in which there will be [...] Continue reading
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI, Light of This World and Creator of the Universe, May the Peace be in InI and his holy spirit illuminate us and protect everyone.  Let it be so! Blessings, my adored family. After the passing of the tense moment, I ask you, my love:  how did you see everything? [...] Continue reading
I am writing in order to release my anger, because this morning Agustin has been attacked by a mob of people from that neighborhood “El Globo” –The Globe– in Calabazar, from where I was able to take him out by force with love and hot meals. He doesn’t live there any more, now he lives [...] Continue reading
Last Monday I managed to get off unscathed and in one piece from a Route 27 bus, between stops, at 17th and D, thanks to the kindness of the driver, who decided to give me a chance, opening the doors of the bus there. I took F Street and headed toward Linea. With horror I [...] Continue reading
MARIELA AND ANTONIO CASTRO, DESCENDANTS OF THE REGIME I don’t imagine Cubans putting up with another fifty years of “castrismo”.  I say this because lately one can observe an induced and growing role by two offshoots of the Castro-Ruz family that don’t suggest they will distance themselves much from the actors of the past. Incidentally, [...] Continue reading
TU NIÑA… Infinitely more lucid, more 20th century, less cowardly than he. Infinitely more beautiful, more slutty, less reactionary than she. Infinitely better than he and infinitely better than the woman with whom he would contract marriage out of fear. She was a Virgo of 17 years. A Latin American virgin, (not by whim is [...] Continue reading
The year was 1993, my son was about to be born and I was given a weekend leave from the hospital. Upon my arrival at home, my husband was absent. He arrived very upset from the home of his son from a prior marriage. An act of repudiation had been made against the child’s mother [...] Continue reading
Havana, Cuba– During the entire month of May, the Cuban government in conjunction with the official entity Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual (CENESEX, National Center of Sexual Education) has developed a group of activities with the purpose of curtailing homophobia in Cuba and to demonstrate its commitment to walk alongside the LGBT, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals [...] Continue reading
It is no coincidence that the women who struggle are called crazy, because in reality they must underestimate something, and this has been thus in the history of humanity, because it is very difficult for them to recognize that woman also has a brain… Elisa Carrió, founder of the Argentine political party “Affirmation for a [...] Continue reading
Havana, Cuba- Danilo Maldonado (El Sexto, or “The Sixth”), a well-known young graffiti artist in Cuba, exhibited his work this past Friday the 25th in the afternoon at the alternative space of Estado de SATS (State of SATS). It is the second time that this artist showcases his creation, the samples running the gamut from [...] Continue reading
For some months now, they have spread like gun powder throughout the city: rumors about embezzlement, theft, deviation of resources, practices of nepotism, etcetera. Old Havana has generated the most commentaries these days. The director of Puerto Carenas, the great construction enterprise dealing with the restoration of all the real estate in the historic center [...] Continue reading
The relationship of Cubans with public transportation is intense. The interaction is produced on various levels: between the public and the driver, amongst the public themselves, and between the public and the bus. This interaction is determined by the frequency between one bus and the next; and at this time that frequency has once again [...] Continue reading