July 2018
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Translator: Meg Anderson

Today, December 3rd, we celebrate the Day of the Doctor in my world. I have a doctor friend, with twenty-five years of experience, specializing in psychiatry, with good results, according to the acknowledgement of her patients, which is what really counts, who this year will be in her house baking cakes to be able to [...] Continue reading
Spoken Word in Havana, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo The Writing Workshop of the International Poetry Festival in Havana along with Roads of Words (a group dedicated to the promotion of spoken word poetry in Cuba), invite you to a conference: Spoken Word: A New Wave of Contemporary Poetry (featuring the poet and cultural promotor: Elier [...] Continue reading
I don’t envy the position of the government at all, even though I also don’t feel pity for any of our rulers. The economic situation in Cuba doesn’t look any better than five years ago. Lifting the prohibitions on what should have never been prohibited, like the legal regulations that for now keep people distracted, [...] Continue reading
It was 6:30 in the morning and we rode on a cart pulled by a tractor that shook from the uneven dirt roads. The guardrail moved and didn’t offer any guarantee that it would support our weight–moving involuntarily as if we have neurological problems–we sat on the floor so that at least the rustic planks [...] Continue reading
For you all. For me. Today we all will sing the well known song, clapping our hands and Malaletra will blow out the candles. 11-11-2011. Begin with one, continue with one and end with one! Good luck and good vibe. Translator’s note: Today is the anniversary of Regina’s blog. (Congratulations!) Translated by: Meg Anderson November [...] Continue reading