December 2018
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Translator: Michelle Eddy

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi After having taken a personal inventory of 2012, I’ve seen that the GECAL workers were more offensive than usual, and although we tried by all means, it was … Continue reading Continue reading
The companies that carry out these practices promote them demonstrating an alleged altruism. A gay couple, for example, comments on the web page of the American company Growing Generations: “We want to explain that he or she is a result of a comb... Continue reading
A few days before the end of July celebrations for the Summer Olympics Games in London will begin. In our country, as in many others, it will be a sporting festival that will see many fans anchored in front of their TV sets to enjoy the competitive dis... Continue reading
Soon, a new population and housing census will take place that shall show how many of us there are and the current living situation in our country. Among the many and ever more acute problems, that of housing is one of the most difficult given all that... Continue reading
I have curiously followed the debate within the exiled community about traveling to Cuba as soon as you receive legal status in North America, after having received the status of potential political victim. This shows me two things: that Cubans have pr... Continue reading