December 2018
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Translator: Rafael Gomez

He was known as tall, dark and handsome and he boasted of it and of the “power” which he had enjoyed for a long time, not so much in his own right, but by that which the powerful godfathers would make possible. Always dressed in camouflage and carr... Continue reading
Translated by: Rafael Gómez April 23 2012 Tweet Continue reading
Havana, Cuba. Today I’d love to invite you for a stroll with my wife and I down Avenue 42 of the beach from 41 to 34. A spacious avenue with wide sidewalks and lawns with dense vegetation. Imagine with us that it’s one of those afternoons in which we say our goodnights to the sun [...] Continue reading
Photos by Rebeca It is right and necessary to fight against urban planning and other crimes, and to try to create a bit of order in society after so many years of barbarities. It seems as if the attention is focused on citizens who built precarious garages in the common areas of multifamily buildings, closed [...] Continue reading
Public spaces In a recent column I published an anecdote with which I’m sure you agree: our meeting in 2004, by chance, on the corner of Palacio de los Matrimonios in Vedado, after months without seeing each other, in which, very concerned about the political and cultural pressures you were under, you told me, “You’re [...] Continue reading
Literary spaces There are five moments in your literary career that I want you to talk about, trying to salvage the most important details, those details of each success that would mold you into being the writer you are now, or those other moments that made you open your eyes to the harsh reality that [...] Continue reading
There was a definitive moment for your career as a writer that I believe is worth remembering, even when I know that it can be a difficult question: your meeting with the writer Eduardo Heras Leon. Leaving aside the possible differences that you could have had from the clear ideological differences between Eduardo and us, [...] Continue reading
“The responsibility of Cuban writers, more than ever, is to protest, to make their disagreements public.” For more than a decade, starting with invisible struggles that happened during literary events that were taking place in Cuban literature in the 90′s, the name of Angel Santiesteban was mentioned several times, but always strangely linked to the [...] Continue reading