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Last Monday, in a diligent and articulate article in I wrote, and I quote: “The question is, ’Where are we going?’ The answer: this coming December 2, when the military promotions are made known, and with whether or not … Continue reading Continue reading
UMAP: Useful Citizen Force Dictatorships, according to the analysts, mutate to make threats disappear when their totalitarian power is threatened; to manage it, they are capable of acting against themselves. Nothing is worth more than the Government and its remaining … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, October, -The overall control the authorities have established over the publishing system, promotional spaces, travel agendas, and whatever takes place on the country’s artistic-literary plans, brings many writers together in a kind of mafic that some prefer … Continue reading Continue reading
My name is Maireni Saborio Gonzales, I am 23 years old and I live in city of Caibarien, Villa Clara.  I left as a boat person or rafter on September 25, 2012 and I was jailed for 11 months in … Continue reading Continue reading
  One of the problems that often confronts young people, although not exclusive to this segment of the population, is the social rejection to which men and women who have been sentenced for some crime are subjected. It becomes evident in different ways, more commonly in the absence of job opportunities, a current problem for [...]
As mentioned in previous works, the most common cases that come to the Law Association for help relate to the subject of housing. It is interesting to note that most of the people that come to us for advice have already exhausted all other resources in... Continue reading