January 2019
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Translator: Russell Conner

On the 15th of February 2008, with the uploading to the internet of Issue 1 (January-February), the magazine Convivencia was born in Pinar del Río.  Since then, six years have passed of uninterrupted bimonthly publication.  The new publication invited one … Continue reading Continue reading
By Reinaldo Cosano. Havana, Cuba Posted in the blog of Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada The veil covering violent homophobic repression is slowly being drawn back, but the gulity aren’t asking for public pardon. It is hard to specify just … Continue reading Continue reading
Independent LGBT activists marched before the Capitol this weekend — photo by  Lilianne Ruiz HAVANA, Cuba, July 2nd 2013, Lilianne Ruiz / — In concurrence with Gay Pride Day, celebrated worldwide every 28th of June, a dozen activists marched … Continue reading Continue reading
It seems like a silent cry, a clandestine invitation to beer drinking amid signs of drunkenness, not of admiration. The thirsty passer-by—child or adult—cannot easily sample a soft drink or a little bottle of mineral water in Havana when he wants, ... Continue reading
Monday, September 17th marked the first week of a hunger strike carried out by the well-known economist and opposition figure Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, 67 years old, “to demand the freedom of political prisoner Jorge Vázquez Chaviano and an atte... Continue reading