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Translator: Shane J. Cassidy

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the president of the Diez de Octubre Court declared conclusive the trial against Miguel Ginarte and five other defendants. Just a year ago, Ángel Santiesteban-Prats wrote this post in solidarity with Miguel. The Editor My mother always … Continue reading Continue reading
 Towards a new Black Spring in Cuba? Reporters without Borders have expressed their concern for the situation of aggression against Cuban journalists, arbitrary sentences, death threats and barriers to access registered information over the last few days. The press agency … Continue reading Continue reading
Miami: Presentation of Ángel Santiesteban’s novel also includes a tribute to him Bacardi House, Rosa Blanca Institute, Chef Paella, Connect Cuba, Neo Club Editiones, Green Designs and Alexandria Library welcome to the presentation held on Tuesday, 3 June at 6 … Continue reading Continue reading
If Fidel and Raul Castro should be delegates to the UNEAC Congress again, we can predict right now that it will be a copy of the previous, which, viewed from a distance, did not achieve any social scope, saving to … Continue reading Continue reading
Life gives us the opportunity to use it at the whim of our possibilities of talent, for personal gain. In life we engage in a search for what we can be as good professionals, if it makes us happy to … Continue reading Continue reading
Among my papers they found an issue of Encounter Magazine and one of Cuban Hispanic; they seized them because they appear to be against the Regime, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and they took a text from Amnesty International … Continue reading Continue reading
Empty lenses and blocked wagons Raúl Rivero Madrid – It now appears that the stubborn, closed, dogmatic, blind that will not see the changes of the Cuban regime are the human rights activists, the Ladies in White, independent journalists, former … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban musicians who sell their soul to the dictatorship What was always everyday, the times of freedom reject. This happens in the country’s culture. A great share of Cuban artists have always allowed themselves to be used for political … Continue reading Continue reading
Enslaved prisoners December 25th: The inmates of Cuban prisons have worked in the condition of slaves which they find themselves. The Blockade: The Longest Genocide in History For them there is no Christmas or New Year. All they will have … Continue reading Continue reading
I always assumed, out of respect and ethics, not to speak disparagingly of the dead. This time I will not. To this I will turn to a literary level suggestion. Nor will I agree to see the stains on the … Continue reading Continue reading
Detention of a Woman in White, Havana, 10th of December 2013. (EFE)                      The detention of Antonio Rodiles. A few days shy of ten months of wrongful imprisonment, after a show … Continue reading Continue reading
The incommunication problems because of our lack of internet connections in Cuba have prevented us from offering, as it should have been, the inside scoop on the harassment and threats that the writer Ángel Santiesteban-Prats is suffering since early this … Continue reading Continue reading
Detaining of a Woman in White, Havana, 10th of December 2013. (EFE) We are all too aware Cuba’s dictatorship does not possess the slightest modicum of remorse or self-reproach, so we cannot ask such a State to behave honorably. The … Continue reading Continue reading
Viewing the videos of the assassins of the regime, especially against the Ladies in White, their constant abuse, cynical laughter and death threats after forceful beatings, we can assure ourselves that they are ruthless beings who do not deserve to … Continue reading Continue reading
Now that the President of Venezuela has assaulted the stores in his freeform version of “Robin Hood,” with the mistaken and desperate idea of getting the poor on his side, while others stage a faithful version of “Ali Baba and … Continue reading Continue reading
As expected, Raul Castro, the second emperor dictator of the tropical Communist Nazi dynasty, recently recognized by the UN Human Rights Council with a seat in the “distinguished” set of toilets that make up the guardians and safeguards of each … Continue reading Continue reading
Shooting themselves in the foot Photo credited to UN Watch. UN Watch and Human Rights Foundation brought famous dissidents to testify at the UN headquarters on 4 November about on the state of human rights in their countries. From left … Continue reading Continue reading
Ángel Yunier Remon Arzuaga ’El Critico.’ Jailed since March 2013 for being a non-conformist rapper and an opponent of the Cuban dictatorship. In July he contracted cholera in prison. Jailed since March 2013 for being a non-conformist rapper and an … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo: “Self-Portrait of exile. Nostalgia machine.” It is exactly one year ago to the day that I left Cuba to enter the other Cuba. They gave me a kick, manu militari, and so I came to fall on this side … Continue reading Continue reading
In Cuba prostitution is not a crime, this statement is repeated over and over by the media and by people who are considered to have due authority to do so. In the special part of the Penal code on crimes, this … Continue reading Continue reading
With the recent presentation in Europe of my novel “The Summer When God Was Sleeping”, which won the Internation Franz Kaka Prize for Novels from the Drawer, convened in the Czech Republic, and the resumé of awards which accompany me, … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, October, — On October 5 a press conference took place in Havana announcing the formation of the Center for Support of the Transition (CAT). During a break we talked to its coordinator, attorney Roberto Díaz Vázquez. Cubanet: What … Continue reading Continue reading
By Wilfredo Vallín Almeida Some Cuban citizens came to the Cuban Legal Association (AJC) seeking information and advice regarding a current issue: non-agricultural co-operatives. It relates to forming a cooperative with a group of compatriots who–until now–have been state workers … Continue reading Continue reading
The Quixotic Soul of Rafael Alcides For Luis Rafael An emotional Havana evening, the kind which seals memory with a light of fire, I met the poet Rafael Alcides Pérez (Barrancas, 1933). Choosing to remain anonymous, as is his custom, … Continue reading Continue reading
Miguel Ginarte (photo courtesy of the blog by Yusnaby) My mother always warned me that the Cuban government proceeds through their actions: “When they no longer need you, the squash you like a cockroach”. In the cultural media, it is … Continue reading Continue reading
Illustration: photomontage The Singularity of the Island. Under the heading “Protect Internet Cafes in Cuba. Julian Assange Bungles It,” the website offers good advice for Cuban citizens and digital non-conformists wanting to get around censorship restrictions. Every time that I … Continue reading Continue reading
The old man Alfredo The police fail to understand how he appears at every protest against the government. Like a magician with his best trick, they threaten and laugh at him as they consider him to be a joke. They … Continue reading Continue reading
One year before being cast into the darkness, Sonia Garro and her husband Ramón Muñoz were already suffering the characteristic calamities of Cuban prisons. Starting from twelve months earlier, their daughter crying for her parents, and her waking up — … Continue reading Continue reading
Ángel remains imprisoned in Cuba, make no mistake about it. He continues to hope that his case will be reviewed. However his jailers could not prevent his presence crossing the Atlantic in order to walk freely through the streets, squares, … Continue reading Continue reading
Prison Diary VIII. Shameful silence I heard the terrible news that a Lady in White, Iris Perez Aguilera, was savagely beaten. Despite these recurrent allegations of abuse against these women, we will never be able to get used to it, … Continue reading Continue reading
The so-called Cuban justice, which is nothing more than another of the pathetic military arms of the political police of the dynastic dictatorship which is clinging to power for more than half a century, has shown – once again, of … Continue reading Continue reading
The programme ” The Night” on NTN24, exclusively revealed a letter [which can be read here, in English] from the dissident writer Ángel Santiesteban, who is currently serving a five-year prison sentence in Cuba. The writer alleged that he had … Continue reading Continue reading
NTN24’s programme “The Night”, directed by Claudia Gurisarri and Jeferson Beltrán and hosted by Jason Calderón, has dedicated its 9th of October broadcast to Cuba and the terrible situation and the terrible repression its people are suffering from the Castro … Continue reading Continue reading
Hello to the viewers, the team who works for “The Night Moves”, in particular to their presenter, greetings to the persistence of friends like the director and the writer Lilo Vilaplana and to Antonio Rodiles, who directs the cultural space … Continue reading Continue reading