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HAVANA, Cuba, 9 July 2013, Dania Virgen García/ For several days there has been an increase in the cases of cholera in the provinces of Havana and Guantánamo. In Havana, where there are reports of more than 40 children admitted … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo Peter Deel When authoritarian, centralized and vertical power has been exercised for such a long time and without any opposing counterpart, where decisions are taking and implemented from above to below, without effective citizen participation, as it is not … Continue reading Continue reading
Spies have always existed; what would secret services be without agents within the mafias? The terrorist gangs? The narco-guerrillas? The bank robbers and other groups who violate social norms and impose their interests on people and institutions? Don’t they watch … Continue reading Continue reading
Days in Queens The bang-bang of the trains is permanent on Roosevelt Avenue. Our little house in Queens trembles, refuge of Cuban immigrants, patriot performance of the passports with which Raul Castro has blessed us, with pretensions of State-God. As … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo: LFRojas-@alambradas It’s not enough dealing with the high cost of finding products to make lunch for a family of four people. In Cuba, we have to add up the amount needed, the share of sacrifice go find all the … Continue reading Continue reading
4 July 2013 Continue reading
The best thing that could happen to me in prison is that time slips away, because between editing unpublished manuscripts, creating some story, reading, writing posts, and listening to complaints from the prisoners, I barely have time to sleep. Alexander … Continue reading Continue reading
Fatherland… or Death… or Whatever. Titled: Battle of Ideas, by Garrincha Continue reading
I send my regards to the people and government of the United States on their independence day. A great nation, which has traditionally sheltered and provided opportunities for building a new life to immigrants who go there in search of … Continue reading Continue reading
Once, many years ago, the little palace at 13th and 4th in Vedado was the home of a family, a rich family who abandoned it also leaving behind other assets at the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 to go … Continue reading Continue reading
Street Graffiti The mega-soap opera of the Five Spies, recycled as anti-terrorists and heroes, for years have occupied a lot of space in the national political programming. Structured for the seasons, in the best style of the soaps, they appear … Continue reading Continue reading
Among the reasons for the government’s move to increase the number of licenses for self-employment is the need to provide employment opportunities in the private sector for the large number of workers who have lost their jobs due to the … Continue reading Continue reading
To be in Poland on June 4, just when they were celebrating the 24th anniversary of those first partially-free elections, an immediate result of the roundtable returning life to this historic land, was not by chance for me. Nor was … Continue reading Continue reading
My husband needs alcohol to live. He is not an alcoholic, but being a bit dramatic, he uses it twice a day to inject insulin. He has the equivalent of a pharmacy version of a ration book, popularly known as … Continue reading Continue reading
A few days ago, from the urinal, I heard a conversation between two inmates in the laundry, which made me turn around and look them in the face. It was the barber, who was commenting to his listener on Martí’s … Continue reading Continue reading
The 52nd National Baseball Championships ended with the triumph of the Villa Clara team, and after a few days passed, some considerations came to mind: most along political lines and a few with regards to baseball. I do not understand … Continue reading Continue reading
In January, in the heat of migratory reform, I wrote about the tour packages to nearby destinations like Cancun or Panama prepared for wealthy Cubans, because these trips (and the revived Tour of Cuba as well) were to be paid … Continue reading Continue reading
From The new immigration law that went into effect on January 14 of this year, returned the right to travel to most Cubans, although it’s a right euphemistically recovered, because only a privileged minority can manage a trip abroad. … Continue reading Continue reading
“You barely talk about your country,” A friend of my wife tells me at a gathering in Valencia. I smile, because this traveling satirical traveler, not mythic even in his native Santander, where he sometimes goes to visit his mother … Continue reading Continue reading
Archive photo If we observe the behaviour of the Cuban economy in 2012 and the first half of 2013, what becomes clear is that, in spite of the “updating” and new “guidelines” (which amount to nothing more than a simple … Continue reading Continue reading
By Dagoberto Valdés Hernández For years I had a dream. Today it has been realized. Poland has always been part of my cultural, religious and freedom identity. Disappearing several times on the map of Europe, “semper fidelis” Poland maintained its … Continue reading Continue reading
The themes of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) congresses over the years could be confused in both their wording as well as their ineffectiveness and the subsequent failure to fulfill them. I remember one, “For a critical, militant and … Continue reading Continue reading
Mr. Lázaro Expósito First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Santiago de Cuba Mr. Secretary: I am writing to you in your capacity as the highest political authority in our province of Santiago de Cuba. I am aware that, … Continue reading Continue reading
No doubt you heard that last week, on June 13 and 14, representatives from Cuba and Bolivia met in Havana to take part in their countries’ first business forum and first round of negotiations to explore various possibilities for economic … Continue reading Continue reading
Mirta Velasco Toledo found herself in serious condition in a hospital in Holguin after being hit by a stone as a result of street brawl, in front of her house, involving three dangerous and well-known thugs from the area. The … Continue reading Continue reading
Workshop offered to activists and volunteers by Antonio G. Rodiles, general coordinator of the campaign, and the activist Jose Díaz Silva, campaign coordinator in the City of Havana (Santos Suárez, 10 de Octubre) Antonio G Rodiles with activists and volunteers … Continue reading Continue reading
The University belongs to the Revolutionaries, says the slogan on a central wall of the University of Camagüey, the first opened by the government of the older brother, Big Brother, in the gray gray gray years of the seventies, on … Continue reading Continue reading
Tall like a pine and genuine in his desire to express himself through art that is ephemeral and challenging, describes the young Cuban graffiti artist, Danilo Maldonado Machado — alias El Sexto (The Sixth) — who does not smile at … Continue reading Continue reading
I leaned against the window carefully. The glass had a crack running through it and with each jolt it seemed likely to shatter. A few minutes, a roadway traversed by collective taxis, an arithmetic exercise: count all the people on … Continue reading Continue reading
To demonstrate that diversity and true respect for differences exist in Cuba, the rights of ALL Cubans must be recognized, without excluding dissidents. 25 June 2013 Tweet Continue reading
Making a cut in the first quarter of a month in prison, I must thank in principle, the tantrum of the Castro brothers for my blog, for my opposition to the system, which led them to create a terrible judicial … Continue reading Continue reading
Archive photo With those incomprehensible absurdities of politics, the United Nations Decolonization Committee adopted the resolution presented by Cuba, with support from Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, on behalf of the inalienable right of the people of Puerto Rico to … Continue reading Continue reading
As a young girl, I wanted to study journalism, entirely for the romantic idea to follow in the tracks of my grandfather, a decent Cuban who from the jungle in The Free Cuban and then from The World and Bohemia made … Continue reading Continue reading
The Multilateral Program «Cuba 360»  was launched. We started two months ago distributing the promotional brochure on this initiative — and other writings as part of the “Seed” — in various social sectors and it has been enriched with a … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo: Cuban doctors showing their diplomas in Havana. From Martí Noticias. By 1998 Fernando had already spent a year and a half working for free in the civil war in Angola where, to get to a clinic in an isolated … Continue reading Continue reading
Mitsukusú I’m not addicted to television, I’m not even an assiduous spectator of the small screen. Rather, I have a kind of monitor, to see the shows, almost all American of course, that I rent at a video stand. The … Continue reading Continue reading
My much appreciated visiting and habitual accomplices: This last May 15 my husband’s laptop just died. I blinked when I was working on it and the monitor went dark forever. It was the family computer, a material and good tool … Continue reading Continue reading
“Are you going to tell me that the State has more rights over my grandchildren than I do, I who have raised them since they were born?” was the response of Reina Ruiz Perez to the prosecutor, the day she … Continue reading Continue reading
You could not imagine the artifices and movements required to get a complaint, a post, a letter where you say what you want to your family or friends about what you feel or what happens in prison, out of prison, … Continue reading Continue reading
Again, the education sector is marred by scandal: the theft and sale of the questions for the eleventh grade exams. Apparently all or most of the municipalities of Havana are involved in this crime. It is not the first time … Continue reading Continue reading
Not very productive on the blog, I’ve dedicated time to a course on editing with Adobe CS6 including editing work, extremely interesting; I read The City and the Dogs (I much prefer the young Vargas Llosa to the famous one); … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban government announces Internet connection points around the country, proving that the cable extending from Venezuela, which was the pretext for justifying out exile from browsing the digital networks, is working in the nation. They say, however, that it … Continue reading Continue reading
CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SLIDE SHOW My papá never saw the United States in person. But he spoke of this country with idolatry. I suspect papá was a natural annexationist. His patriotism did not believe in the good will of … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo: Peter Deel Much has been written about the deterioration of Havana and other cities throughout the width and breadth of the country, and I can assure you that nothing has been exaggerated. One need only to take a quick … Continue reading Continue reading
I discovered the bulge on the middle finger of my right hand while I was still in primary school. After remaining for years as a prominent trauma from gripping the pencil or pen too tightly while writing, it lost its … Continue reading Continue reading