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Translator: William Fitzhugh

The American President, Barack Obama, decided on behalf of Cubans. His holiness the Pope decided on behalf of Cubans. The Army General Raul Castro decided on behalf of the Cubans. Everyone, except the Cubans , decided on behalf of Cubans. … Continue reading Continue reading
REYNALDO GONZALEZ Y LA FALSA MUERTE DE FIDEL, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. Source: From a meeting of the Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC) on 11 February 2012. Note: Because this video is on Flickr, our subtitling site can’t han... Continue reading
The Cuban paper Granma is an inexhaustible assortment of themes for any attentive reader. I , at the risk of seeming repetitive and without any intention of making copies of what they publish, found myself often challenging their texts and points of vi... Continue reading
Public spaces In a recent column I published an anecdote with which I’m sure you agree: our meeting in 2004, by chance, on the corner of Palacio de los Matrimonios in Vedado, after months without seeing each other, in which, very concerned about the political and cultural pressures you were under, you told me, “You’re [...] Continue reading
Literary spaces There are five moments in your literary career that I want you to talk about, trying to salvage the most important details, those details of each success that would mold you into being the writer you are now, or those other moments that made you open your eyes to the harsh reality that [...] Continue reading
There was a definitive moment for your career as a writer that I believe is worth remembering, even when I know that it can be a difficult question: your meeting with the writer Eduardo Heras Leon. Leaving aside the possible differences that you could have had from the clear ideological differences between Eduardo and us, [...] Continue reading
“The responsibility of Cuban writers, more than ever, is to protest, to make their disagreements public.” For more than a decade, starting with invisible struggles that happened during literary events that were taking place in Cuban literature in the 90′s, the name of Angel Santiesteban was mentioned several times, but always strangely linked to the [...] Continue reading
In Cuba, using children for violent political acts has become repeated and dangerous — the well-known “Acts of Repudiation” — a kind of propaganda without the permission of the parents, harassing the children of people who do not sympathize with the government and other violations that appear in the Penal Code of the Republic of [...] Continue reading
By: Yaremis Flores Mabel, the wife of Raúl Rodríquez Soto, incarcerated at Guanajay Prison, this past October, submitted a petition for parole to the Provincial Court of Artemisa. To date, no response has been received. In Anglosaxon culture, punctuality is an inevitable custom. On timeis an expression in English whose meaning is “at the exact [...] Continue reading
Julio Cesar Rifa and Roger Pupo Fariñas are completely without legal defense and they have no way to remedy this situation. There is no lawyer to be found who wants to oppose the Captain of the Port of Havana for harm wrought against their legitimate rights On the 17th of December of last year, the [...] Continue reading
This last March 23rd, two officials of the Department of TerritorialInvestigations (DTI) and the military Counterintelligence, respectively, threatened the mothers of the mother of Jesus Daniel Forcada Portillo and Ramon Echevarria Fernandez, who have been sentenced to 35 years in prison for murder, with a worsening of the case of their sons because of signs [...] Continue reading
Reggaeton: a love story; Better bayuti[1] than dictatuti In real time, it’s illegible but the Cuban press has come to be very creative if it is read with a five year lag time, “chabacaneria”[2], luxury, lechery, lamentation, vice, consumption of toxicity, banality, corny-ness, trinket shops, flamboyant attires, cheesy bargains, and an ecetera half ethical and [...] Continue reading
In “Vinci” the episodic film on the life of Leonardo, Eduardo Del Llano borders on indigence. “Don’t fool yourselves; my film is “buenisima” as its screenwriter and director Eduardo del Llano rebukes us in his eponymous blog. The sentence could not be more precise. That something is buenisima is said in Cuba in television adventures [...] Continue reading
Yaremis Flores On the tenth of January 2006, the Provincial Court of Las Tunas condemned Ramos Utra to 20 years in jail for the rape of a six-year old girl. The accused, 46 years old, declared himself innocent. Nevertheless the judge sentenced him convinced that “the facts occurred in this way and no other, according [...] Continue reading
Friends, since yesterday at noon, Cubacel has cut my service, the same measure applied to several dissidents, bloggers, and opponents of the regime. They want to silence us. They not only fear words, it pains them to hear the truth. Translator: W F Mar... Continue reading
The majority of things that I afterwards write about, occur to me while cooking, washing dishes. Thus in a sense I have the logic of a housewife. Two plus two has to add up to four, even if the military men say the contrary. If the laws of the police are not just for the [...] Continue reading
I climb the hill drawn by the magnetism of the chapel, by the theology school of the Dominican friars ( in spite of the torches of the Inquisition ) by the alpha and the omega, the cloistered life of the monks confer to my church a special something. “What is it to love thy neighbor? [...] Continue reading
LOOK AT ME, DEATH, AND FOR YOUR LOVE’S SAKE, DON’T CRY It’s been ten years ago already, in the purple-blue evening of Centro Habana, in an independent literary workshop that had the Ministry of Culture(made flesh in the person of the vociferous agent Fernando Rojas) dying of fear and envy, we had invited an activist [...] Continue reading
Yaremis Flores The Supreme Popular Court foresees an increase in competition from the Municipal Courts during this current year 2012. This reform was predicted in the setting of meetings between professional judges and involves the integration of crimes with penalties ranging from three to eight years, to the understanding of municipal authorities According to current [...] Continue reading
Yaremis Flores Amparo awoke in the room while a tube scraped against her throat. Endoscopy, a delicate and risky technique which they performed without adequate anesthetic. This 55-year-old woman used to be Doctor Gonzalez. Something’s up and she knows it but her colleagues can’t find what. She is now the patient in bed 33, room [...] Continue reading
I have been many Lillis, and all are me, one of those Lillis tried to escape from a confinement to which my mother condemned me, at age 22 at the Fajardo Hospital, really depressed after an abortion and drugged by one Dr. Justo against my will, I jumped without knowing what I was doing from [...] Continue reading
It would be really good if the Cuban Revolution were to finally admit that it has a lot of political opposition, peaceful and civil, from within and without the island. Because from the beginning, “The Revolution” refused to admit that it was having “political problems” within its own borders. It’s more confused and wastes more [...] Continue reading
Well now I am in my house, just returned from the sixth birthday of Ada’s twins; Ada is the sister of my friend Agustín. I love going with my daughter, all very simple, just great in the way that she knows how to share this family whose roots are in Villa Clara.  There is nothing [...] Continue reading
I can’t stand ideas. I aspire to a pure understanding of reality and of myself but I have to postpone it. I read in order to erase, in order to find within the forgotten. Or in the memory, which is the same. I get scared seeing myself in the street surrounded by people who cause [...] Continue reading
These days there’s a spot on Cuban television that shows a series of watercolors of butterflies from one of the five officials of the Interior Ministry imprisoned in the United States. For me, a Cuban citizen, prisoner of the narrow ideological setting of this island, discontented with “socialist legality”, without the right to complain, it [...] Continue reading