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Translator: Ylena Zamora-Vargas

Somos+, Havana, 27 October 2017 — By the present lines, I, Dr. Carlos Raúl Macías López, Institutional Secretary of the Political Movement Somos+, by virtue of Article I of the Electoral Regulations, and by the expressed mandate of the National Council, headed by the current President Engineer Eliécer Avila: summon all members of our organization to participate … Continue reading "A Summoning to General Elections / Somos+" Continue reading
My cherished boy, my beloved Chinito: I can barely write to you for lack of energy. Now I find some strength that I will put to paper with words that as you know are moist and full of love. I … Continue reading Continue reading
By: Ignacio Estrada, Independent Journalist Havana, Cuba -For more than three consecutive months, the Cuban populace that lives with HIV/AIDS has noticed an absence of the nutritive products graciously granted by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS of the United … Continue reading Continue reading
Today, New York unravelled a little before my uneasiness. My heart shrinks at the hour of twilight. The city makes itself ephemeral, Cuba emerges with the darkness. I extend my hands and breathe out loud, but still it’s as if … Continue reading Continue reading