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Casi tres décadas antes de que Fidel Castro proclamara públicamente el carácter socialista de la Revolución Cubana, otra nación latinoamericana adoptó oficialmente esa forma de gobierno. Pero la República Socialista de Chile solamente duró 12 días. Esta es su historia. Continue reading
20% more visitors arrived in Cuba this year, but numbers for September, November and December are down Continue reading
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A 2006 Rolling Stones concert at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro drew 1.3 million fans Continue reading
Her father – Oswaldo Paya – was a leading figure of Cuba’s underground opposition movement. After being persecuted all his life by the political police, he was killed in 2012 in a mysterious traffic incident on the island, which survivors, witnesses, and fellow dissidents assure was no accident. Four years later, 27-year-old Rosa Maria Paya remains […] Continue reading
In June last year, Carlos Gutierrez -- Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush -- went on the record regarding a change of mind on Cuba policy Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In another round in the gradual easing of U.S. sanctions, the Obama administration published amended regulations effective today that allow U.S. companies to sell a broader range of goods to Cuba — including on credit and to state companies — and permit airlines to interact with Cuba on a broader base. After publishing easing measures in January and September […] Continue reading
After nearly two years in prison, Cuban rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, best known as “El Critico” from the underground hip-hop duo “The Unwanted Children”, has been released, along with several other political prisoners across the island.  Remon was sent to prison in March 2013 after a violent government organized mob attacked his home in […] Continue reading
The annual meeting of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) in Miami features a record number of presenters from Cuba Continue reading
Users of Twitter have planned a ‘virtual protest’ on the social network for this Friday, June 20th, starting at 9 AM, in solidarity with jailed Cuban rapper Angel Yunier Remon (“El Critico”) who will stand trial that same morning in the Eastern town of Bayamo, Cuba. The protest is open to all users of Twitter […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The head of the powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce is in Havana for a three-day visit, meeting with entrepreneurs, government officials, academics and religious leaders. This is Tom Donohue’s second visit after a trip in 1999, and it comes at a time of rising pressure on the U.S. government to ease its more [...] Continue reading
By José M. Pallí, Esq. The Cuban Interior Ministry (MININT) chose May 20, Cuba’s independence day, to publish Resolución No. 4/14, which lays out the procedure for foreign real estate owners to obtain a visa. Foreign individuals (personas naturales extranjeras) who want to invest in “owning” or renting houses in Cuba can obtain a special visa that [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Portugal’s minister of foreign affairs visited is beginning a two-day visit to Cuba today, Cuba’s foreign ministry reported. Luis Campos Ferreira will meet with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and Foreign Trade and Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmierca, as well as the ministers of industry and energy. Portugal is seeking to “create space for a deepening [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The Grupo Odebrecht subsidiary that committed to operating a sugarmill in Cienfuegos province for 15 years has ambitious plans, official Website Cubadebate reported. As part of a production administration agreement with state holding Azcuba, Companhia de Obras e Infraestructura (COI) wants to boost sugar production from currently 40,000 tons a year to 150,000 [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Without setting a deadline for currency reform, the Ministry of Finance and Prices published three resolutions March 6 that layout how state companies will determine the value of their assets under a unified currency, and how wholesale and retail prices will be set. The government announced last fall it will merge the convertible [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Brazilian ex-president Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva lectured Cuban officials in Havana on how to attract foreign investors. In a speech to government officials and state company executives Feb. 26 at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, the former president touted ”The Brazilian experience in attracting investments — the State as inducer, associate and facilitator”. “Our [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In a speech to labor union delegates on Feb. 23, President Raúl Castro reiterated that a new foreign investment law will be discussed in a special session of the National Assembly in March. Castro told the congress of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) Feb. 23 that the executive has been working [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In a rare Europe-based Cuban R&D partnership, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) partnered with a new company formed by French equity investment firm Truffle Capital to license a therapeutic vaccine for chronic hepatitis B for markets in Europe and Asia, for starters. Truffle said in a press release that it partnered with CIGB [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In January, a British company started by ex-treasury and trade minister Phillip Oppenheim signed an agreement to invest in Cuban coffee. The $4 million investment by Oppenheim’s Cuba Mountain Coffee Co. Ltd. is not only one of the first by a foreign company in Cuban coffee, but also a rare example of a foreign investor engaging private entities in Cuba. Under a [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — State utility Unión Eléctrica (UNE) completed a trial run of the largest new fuel-oil power plant on the island, official media reported. The new facility, near the nickel mining town of Moa in eastern Holguín province, consists of 10 generators providing a total of 184 megawatt, according to official media. It is part [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Travel is turning U.S. citizens into opponents of the embargo against Cuba, according to a survey commissioned by Friendly Planet Travel, a licensed U.S. travel provider. Friendly Planet surveyed 423 Americans who visited Cuba during the past two-and-half years as part of people-to-people programs licensed by the Obama Administration. According to the survey, 88.2% of [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Underlining the option of  more cooperation with U.S. authorities, Cuba’s general customs administration reported a rising number of drug seizures in 2013. The Aduana General de la República, according to Cuban television reports, said its officials intercepted 43 attempts to introduce different types of narcotics into Cuba, three more cases than in 2012, and [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmemans suggested during a visit in Havana that it is time for the European Union to update its relationship with Cuba, due to the changes taking place on the island. While cautioning that differences of opinion between the EU and Cuba would remain, he told the BBC correspondent [...] Continue reading
By José Luis Rodríguez* At the close of 2013, it is possible to make some preliminary evaluations about what happened in the Cuban economy in the past 12 months and draw some perspectives for the new year. To be sure, a more exhaustive analysis will require more information. As was informed, GDP growth reached only 2.7 percent, [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Remittances to Cuba reached a record $2.77 billion in 2013, 6.57 percent more than the previous year, a Miami-based consulting firm concludes, extrapolating from a recent survey of several hundred residents in South Florida. According to the survey by The Havana Consulting Group, remittances may break another record in 2014. “In 2014, the $3 billion [...] Continue reading
By José Manuel Pallí Over the past couple of years, the rumblings about the need to modify or adjust the Cuban Adjustment Act has been in crescendo. But, for a change, the crowd that now wants to alter this statute (Public Law 89-732, enacted Nov. 2, 1966 to permit thousands of Cuban refugees to speedily [...] Continue reading
Ever wondered what it must be like to be a young university student in Cuba who has decided to publicly oppose the dictatorship?  I recommend reading the following chronicle, published in ‘Diario de Cuba’, written by the young dissident Rafael Alejandro Hernández Real, one of the students who publicly questioned the communist functionary Ricardo Alarcon [...] Continue reading
La muerte de Payá y la conducta de los necios Publicado el Jueves, 26 Julio 2012 12:30 Por Martín Guevara* Acaso lo que más me ha impresionado acerca de la muerte del disidente cubano Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas no sea ni el enorme semillero de posibilidades de fantasear con que haya sido uno de esos accidentes [...] Continue reading
Apagón en Rodas Félix Reyes Gutiérrez 26 de julio de 2012 Ranchuelo, Cuba – – Un apagón de siete horas afectó a los pobladores de la localidad de Rodas, el 21 de julio pasado, por trabajos de mantenimiento en las redes eléctricas. La falta de corriente, desde las 8:00 de la mañana hasta las [...] Continue reading
Regulaciones aduanales: Botar el sofá Publicado el Miércoles, 25 Julio 2012 16:27 Por Giselle Morales* Sería hasta cómico si no fuera tan trágico: la Aduana General de la República, como la puerta estrecha y abierta en un solo sentido que en realidad es, dispuso nuevas regulaciones para la entrada de paquetería al país. Ahora, con [...] Continue reading
Cuba y los cambios que no llegaron Fernando Ravsberg BBC Mundo, La Habana Miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012 150.000 cubanos recibieron tierras gratuitamente pero no tienen dónde comprar maquinarias ni insumos para hacerlas producir. Las reformas económicas cumplen cuatro años y parecen dejar a más de un cubano insatisfecho: las consideran lentas, de poco [...] Continue reading
ECONOMIA | 59 aniversario del asalto al cuartel de Moncada Las reformas económicas en Cuba no llegan a los sueldos Raúl Castro en el 59 aniversario del asalto al cuartel de Moncada. | Juan Pablo Carreras/Efe - El sueldo medio en Cuba es de 450 pesos (unos 14 euros), al mes  - ‘Hay que seguir [...] Continue reading
Cuba impide salir de la isla al superviviente sueco del accidente de Payá Igual que el español Carromero, Modig tendrá que continuar en La Habana a la espera de que las autoridades autoricen su salida del país ep Día 26/07/2012 – 17.13h El joven político sueco Jens Aron Modig, segundo superviviente en el accidente de [...] Continue reading
26-07-12 | Opinion ¿Quién mató al disidente cubano Payá? Carl Gershman Por Carl Gershman Con la muerte de Oswaldo Payá, líder clave de la oposición democrática cubana, Cuba ha sufrido lo que la escritora Yoani Sánchez llama ”una pérdida dramática para su presente y una pérdida irremplazable para su futuro”. Las circunstancias en torno a [...] Continue reading
Cuba, implicada en el escándalo de HSBC Fuente: El Universal 26 julio 2012 Informe del Congreso de EU revela operaciones prohibidas bajo el embargo; el banco tuvo entre sus clientes a Irán y Norcorea, países enemigos     San  José. Sucursales del banco británico Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) en México, Colombia, Costa Rica, [...] Continue reading
Represión, Izquierdas Por el derecho, ¿ajeno?, ¿propio?: por el Derecho Los cubanos seguimos vulnerables frente a las maquinarias que intentan difamar, aislar y neutralizar a quienes tratan de pensar una Cuba con más derechos y sin violencia Armando Chaguaceda, Dayrom Gil, México DF | 26/07/2012 11:21 am Entre las cosas importantes que uno aprende dentro [...] Continue reading
Muerte de Oswaldo Payá Ofelia Acevedo: ‘No sé de dónde saca Elizardo Sánchez que solo fue un accidente’ DDC Madrid 26-07-2012 – 10:01 am.     La viuda del líder opositor exige hablar con los sobrevivientes del suceso.     ‘Con la experiencia de amenazas contra nuestra familia, tengo todo el derecho a poner en duda’ la [...] Continue reading
Sociedad ‘Espacio Laical’ pide que no se obstruyan las ‘nuevas maneras de asociacionismo civil’ Agencias La Habana 26-07-2012 – 10:13 am. ‘Llamamos a abdicar de las diatribas sin fundamento, de la descalificación y del descrédito contra los proyectos emergentes y sus líderes’, dice. La revista católica cubana Espacio Laical pidió este miércoles que no se [...] Continue reading
Cubanos son marginados en centros turísticos [26-07-2012] Aimée Cabrera Corresponsal de Misceláneas de Cuba ( Los cubanos que deciden reunir con mucho esfuerzo una suma de dinero para ir de vacaciones a los centros existentes para los turistas nacionales se enfrentan a la marginación a que son considerados por no ser extranjeros. “Mi hija cumplió [...] Continue reading
Cómo matar a un ruiseñor [26-07-2012] Angélica Mora Foto: Cortesía de Angélica Mora ( Los detalles todavía son confusos en la muerte de Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas. La diáspora cubana está exigiendo esclarecer “las circunstancias oscuras” del accidente de tránsito del domingo en Cuba en el que murió el opositor y Harold Cepero, otro disidente, ya [...] Continue reading
El pueblo no espera nada nuevo de la reunión de la Asamblea Nacional [26-07-2012] Aimée Cabrera Corresponsal de Misceláneas de Cuba ( Las comisiones permanentes de trabajo de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular estuvieron reunidas durante el pasado viernes, sábado y domingo, para arribar a su IX Período Ordinario de Sesiones el lunes 23 [...] Continue reading
By Pavel Vidal Alejandro Since 2010, the Cuban economy has entered a new period of economic reform, officially labeled as an “update of the economic model.” In order to weigh the extent of the visible contents of the Cuban monetary and exchange rate reform and obtain lessons from international experiences, this analysis takes some elements of the Vietnamese reform as [...] Continue reading