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Los rusos que no voten en las elecciones presidenciales del próximo mes corren el riesgo de ver cómo su país se transforma en un estado amigo de los homosexuales donde las personas de 50 años son elegibles para el servicio militar. Al menos ese es el mensaje de un vídeo xenófobo y homófobo que se ha vuelto viral.

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Un vídeo en el que un hombre y una mujer realizan sexo sin protección en el céntrico Boulevard de San Rafael de La Habana, a la luz del día y jaleados por decenas de personas que los graban con sus celulares, ha sido retirado de la cuenta de Youtube en que se difundió originalmente. No obstante, el vídeo fue replicado en otras cuentas y seguía visualizándose este martes.

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Site manager’s note: This video was translated and subtitled by the most amazing group of young people in the world… their names are on the final credits… our thanks to them are IMMEASURABLE and UNPAYABLE… but some day… in a … Continue reading Continue reading
Taguayabon, Cuba – I could have written a simple informative note about one of the many arrests carried out by Cuban State Security agencies during the days leading up to the CELAC Summit in Havana. But in this case I … Continue reading Continue reading
Site manager’s note: We have been receiving news of a large protest in Holguin since yesterday but this video from CID (Independent and Democratic Cuba) is the first direct visual evidence we have seen. Following is a translation of the … Continue reading Continue reading
After the violent arrest of her husband, Antonio Rodiles, at the Human Rights Conference sponsored by Estado de Sats, Ailer Gonzalez chose a moment of non-violence in the midst of the madness. As children, still in their uniforms and taken … Continue reading Continue reading
This video was taken in the street outside the home of Antonio Rodiles, which is also the headquarters of Estado de SATS, where a Conference on Human Rights was being held in honor or World Human Rights Day. The man … Continue reading Continue reading
Click here for this video on Tracy’s site, Along the Malecon. Click here to go to Tracy’s site, Along the Malecon, and see and other videos, including many interviews with the bloggers, independent journalists and democracy activists posted on Translating … Continue reading Continue reading
To speak about music in Cuba is an analogy. Cuba is the music. There are nice people, splendid weather, the smell of salty residue, and there’s always a reason to party. Other things, like the shrimp, tropical fruits, or beef … Continue reading Continue reading
Six months ago I took an American photographer to meet to the former model and ex-ballerina Luz Maria Collazo. She had served as an interpreter with two other important Cuban ex-models and that would be our last evening of work. … Continue reading Continue reading
Despite daily violations of the most elementary freedoms, Cuba has once again managed to join the United Nations Human Rights Council. Rosa Maria Paya has continued to present herself before this and other international forums to denounce the reality, request … Continue reading Continue reading
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Site manager’s note: While we wait for more news about Gorki’s arrest, we post this video version of one of Porno Para Ricardo’s “signature” songs — with lyrics in Spanish and English below. The original music video is here. The … Continue reading Continue reading
From Tracey Eaton on Along the Malecon Date of Interview: July 13, 2010 Continue reading
Note: This documentary has been around for a while, but for those who haven’t seen it, we are reposting it here. Several of “our” bloggers appear: Juan Juan Almeida, Laritza Diversent, Gorki Aguila, Ciro Diaz, Yoani Sanchez, Orlando Luis Pardo … Continue reading Continue reading
CLICK HERE TO HELP FUND THE MOVIE!!!!! Cuba’s Blue Heart courts Indiegogo 5 July, 2013 | By Jeremy Kay The sci-fi thriller has become the first Cuban project to use the crowd-funding platform as the director and producer launch their … Continue reading Continue reading
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Rasúa Grethell Farinas Covers of Desires, 2008-2013 installation, photography, video (2:13 min.) The patch has become a common practice in Cuba, a way of dealing with objects that should be be but cannot be replaced. It is an aesthetic of … Continue reading Continue reading
Operation Truth Video & Transcript Site manager: We decided not to subtitle the video itself, given its length and poor sound quality, so a transcript is provided below and can be downloaded here.  The video of Eliecer’s encounter with Ricardo … Continue reading Continue reading
A beautiful night in Perugia at the #journalismfest, debate, argument, act of repudiation and hugs. Despite everything I keep smiling, I won’t let them grab from me this small gesture that so annoys the powers-that-be. A tense totalitarianism knows nothing … Continue reading Continue reading
Ian Vasquez interviews Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez on the future of Cuba. The interview occurred on 20 March 2013. A video of the session with Ian Cato and Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, with Ted Henken translating, from that day … Continue reading Continue reading