July 2018
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Yamil Domínguez

Rolando is a great man, father, brother and friend. His incarceration just as he was prepared to bring people, including his family,but he was not willing to sacrifice one life when the Cuban border guard charged him with their ships. He could have run with the chance to escape and those in his boat were [...] Continue reading
Some readers have written to me wondering how I recovered after a year of freedom. Well, it has not exactly been easy to start, I found a country with a critical economic crisis and especially in the field of construction. I was also a victim of bank fraud and the perpetrators were two people whom [...] Continue reading
As I mentioned before, that later I would talk about the injustices that still remain in Cuban prisons, and their systems of torture in the process of interrogations that are so hidden from the world. A system designed to establish their totalitarianism and the State terror that under no circumstances can promote the exercise of [...] Continue reading
A lot has happened since my return to my home, good and bad, of which the most sad and shameful was the death of another hunger striker, Cuban Wilman Villar. It seems as if time flew, but for those of our land where we were born life is still a distressing agony with its endless [...] Continue reading