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Taguayabon, Cuba — The prolonged absence of staples in the “Hard Currency Collection Stores”[as the government itself named them] in Villa Clara, items such as bath soap and powdered and liquid detergent, increase the discomfort and the deplorable economic situation … Continue reading Continue reading
Taguayabon, Cuba – I could have written a simple informative note about one of the many arrests carried out by Cuban State Security agencies during the days leading up to the CELAC Summit in Havana. But in this case I … Continue reading Continue reading
By:  Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez I often remember the lyrics of that song by Carlos Varela, hummed by many of my generation:  “I had no Santa Claus, nor Christmas tree. . .”  And I remember it not only as the popular song from that time in my life, but as the social reality that surrounded my [...] Continue reading
In Cuba there is the habit of arranging or accommodating things so as to keep up appearances, while the reality and the truth remains behind the curtain. So it usually happens in businesses, offices, agencies and ministries. Lying is so natural and inv... Continue reading
It stands to reason that to beat the information monopoly prevailing in Cuba, it is imperative to overthrow the monopolists, which does not seem easy, and in fact it is not, but above all we must believe strongly that it is possible to overturn the gia... Continue reading
By: Yoaxis Marcheco Suárez I don’t know what is happening with some people and institutions in the world, I think that they suffer from some sort of lethargy that doesn’t allow them to perceive Cuban reality, or they are simply content with what t... Continue reading
By: YOAXIS MARCHECO SUÁREZ I acknowledge that the Catholic Church through its pontificate has achieved in recent years some privileges that have benefited not only its faithful, but all Cuban Christians and the whole people in general. First by the ac... Continue reading
Note: This post is from March 2012, in advance of the Pope’s visit to Cuba The topic most discussed these days with regard to the Cuban reality is the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The official press has made clear its predictions, of cour... Continue reading
By: Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez Two separate power outages last week, one on Monday from early morning until well past noon and the other on Tuesday night occupying the afternoon, made me reflect again on the subject that was so fashionable a few years ago while the eldest in the hierarchy still ruled over us. The [...] Continue reading
 By:  Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez As roof the cloudless sky and an almost scorching sun, as walls the walls the Havana Malecon, the old buildings of old Havana, the Morro and the cloudy waters of the Bahia, a landscape that although worn, still looks beautiful. All this forms the temple of the Alcance Victoria (Victory Reach) Church which, [...] Continue reading