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Yunier Reyes

14ymedio, Yunier Reyes, Baracoa, 7 October 2016 – “There is not a single roof here that the wind didn’t take,” commented Jorge Luis, a villager of La Máquina, one of the poorest areas of Cuba in the territory of Maisí, Guantanamo. At roughly 900 feet above sea level, the residents of the remote place say … Continue reading "Matthew and Oblivion Join Forces Against La Máquina in Guantanamo / 14ymedio, Yunier Reyes" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yunier Reyes, 6 October 2016 — Baracoa has taken a pounding. Everywhere you look roofs have blown off and the residents are trying to save any pieces of their homes that can be reused. They walk over the mounds of bricks, climb over the bits of stairs that no longer lead anywhere, and salvage the … Continue reading "Baracoa, The Face Of Disaster / 14ymedio, Yunier Reyes" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yunier Reyes, Baracoa, Cuba, 5 October 2016 – A grief-stricken Christopher Columbus – who first touched land in the Americas in this place – observes the chaos that emerges with the first rays of the sun in Barancoa. The sculpture of the sailor stands a few yards from the sea and shows the marks … Continue reading "First Light of Dawn Finds Cuban city of Baracoa Desolated and in Ruins / 14ymedio, Yunier Reyes" Continue reading