July 2018
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Yuniesky Dominguez Gonzalez

In the last couple of weeks in Cuba there has been an increase in the amount of arbitrary arrests and robberies of pro-democracy dissidents at the hands of the political police. Various cases have been coming in from the Eastern region of the country.  The case of activist Yuniesky Dominguez Gonzalez and former political prisoner […] Continue reading
The Cuban political police impeded members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) from getting in to one of the headquarters of the pro-freedom group in the La Ceiba neighborhood of Palma Soriano (which is also the home of activist Victor Campa Almenares) this past Sunday, March 17th.  The dissidents had plans to hold a [...] Continue reading
“With all and for the good of all” – one of the most famous phrases by Jose Marti is, perhaps, also one of the ideas which the totalitarian system in Cuba fears the most, proven- year after year- every 28th of January when countless uniformed agents are sent out throughout the island to try and [...] Continue reading
María Teresa Domínguez González, resident of Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, was officially fired from her work as an educator in a children’s center known as “Friends of Camilo” this past January 21st, all because her son, Yuniesky Dominguez Gonzalez, is a member of Cuba’s opposition movement. Yuniesky, an active member of the Patriotic Union [...] Continue reading