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Los días 10 y 11 de abril próximos, en la ciudad de Miami, el evento se llevará a cabo en jornada paralela a la Cumbre de Las Américas, que tendrá lugar por esas fechas en Panamá Continue reading
Yadira Escobar y Yusnaby Pérez se enfrentan en el show de María Elvira en Mira TV Continue reading
On April 8 of this year we welcomed “Yusnaby Perez” to the Translating Cuba family.  On April 26, after an avalanche of rumors about his identity (and his very existence as an individual human being), we asked “Yusnaby” to give … Continue reading Continue reading
From the site manager: Yusnaby tweeted today that he is again walking the streets… but that his cellphone has been completely erased (by the cops punching in too many wrong passwords)… But… We have been unable to find any acquaintance … Continue reading Continue reading
I went with my dog to explore the town of San Cristobal and discovered the Santa Cruz River. Crystalline and drinkable water, a complete marvel. I hope you enjoy it. 24 April 2013 Tweet Continue reading
To: Manuel Antonio Vale Marrero (President of the Metropolitan Bank) cc: Ernesto Medina Villaveirán (President of the Central Bank of Cuba) cc: Granma newspaper Issue: Firsthand prohibitions that affect our economy Havana, April 24, 2013 Sirs: Bankers, Politicans and Journalists, … Continue reading Continue reading
On the night of Wednesday, April 17th, Cubans in diverse parts of the country rang their pots and pans as a display of support and solidarity with the Venezuelan opposition, a movement which also uses these methods of civil disobedience. The protest was convoked by the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front, a coalition which [...] Continue reading
The dual currency system in Cuba is one of the major economic and social problems of the country. Don’t take my word for it, on several occasions the president of the country, Raul Castro himself (and I have no intention … Continue reading Continue reading
Many wonder and don’t understand: How can I have internet on my Smartphone? Others don’t even believe I’m in Cuba. But hey, in the last two months I’ve been researching an effective method to provide internet to the opposition within … Continue reading Continue reading
Who hasn’t heard of the EMBARGO? This issue is like the apple of discord. Some cling to it to “suffocate” the Cuban government while others plea, out of charity, for its elimination because of the shortages suffered by Cubans. My … Continue reading Continue reading
While it’s true that they have relaxed the Immigration Act in the recent update of January 14, 2013, nowhere is it reflected in this what will happen with the internal guidelines (there is no law on this) that prohibits Cubans … Continue reading Continue reading
I recall that all my life I’ve been characterized as a rebel, protesting what I considered wrong or unfair and most of the time proposing solutions. In the Cuban political environment I’ve experienced agonizingly slowly a change that has cost … Continue reading Continue reading
I would like to share with you some of my experiences with elections in Cuba. The peculiar characteristics of the popular vote system in our country and the lack of the “power to express our specific” wishes are no secret … Continue reading Continue reading
In Cuba, and only in Cuba, there is a profession that is learned very young; we all know it as “chivatón” (or “chivatona” if you want to brag about gender equality), and it means “snitch.” This “work” is even more … Continue reading Continue reading
During the last three years, everything about the submarine fiber optic cable from Venezuela to Cuba was a state secret, or as we like to call it: secretismo. You already know, to bring the Internet — information — to a … Continue reading Continue reading
I have decided to create my blog because the schools teach us the history of Cuba until 1959, and then they give us a brief summary about the Agrarian Reform, the Literacy Campaign of 1961, and in some higher level … Continue reading Continue reading